What are best cigar gifts in 2019?

If you know a cigar lover and are looking to give them great cigar gifts, then there are thousands of options available out there for you to choose from. However, it will be great to give these Cigar lovers accessories that will easily go with this pastime. Below are a few suggestions that any cigar lover will find intriguing.

Cigar Travel Humidor

A cigar travel humidor is perfect for the outdoors or water sports. A humidor that is watertight to depths well beyond 100 feet, and is made up of indestructible fiber-glass is a great pick. A good humidor can also protect up to 10 Churchill length cigars and includes humidifier.

Personalized Cigar Cutter 

A personalized  cigar cutter  is a great gift idea because it has good blades that will pierce the tobacco wrap easily and effortlessly A good cutter is made up of stainless steel and can be personalized for whoever you intend to gift it to

Triple Torch Flame

A triple torch flame burns very bright and contains a high powered flare that will be seen as impressive during a cigar party. A triple torch flame that comes with an adjustable flame height and refillable butane is ideal.

Mantello Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray Set

The Mantello Folding Wood Cigar Ashtray Set comes with a cutter and lighter is perfect gift for any cigar smoker. The ideal set will be a cherry Wood made set that has a set of stainless steel cigar accessories such as a Guillotine Cutter, Lighter, Cigar Bed, and Stainless Steel Ash Reservoir.

Consummate Gentleman 

The Consummate Gentleman is an amazing set to gift any cigar lover. This set really can make for a well spent evening and can be personalized for the person you want to gift it to. A good Consummate Gentleman will include a personalized whiskey decanter, cigar cutter, wood box, and cigar holder with whiskey flask.

Queue the Famous Deluxe Sampler

The queue the famous deluxe sampler is a perfect gift idea because it comes with a complete set including a humidor and a cutter. This set contains 10 fine premium cigars like Baccarat, Cunning by Joya de Nicaragua, and Oliva Connecticut Reserve. This will help any cigar lover to explore different cigars and at the same time have a great place to store them.


What plants do cigars come from?

Ever wondered what plants do cigars come from and how they are made? Well, cigars come in varying shapes and sizes. Round-headed cigars with parallel sides are considered as standard cigars. Whereas Perfecto is a cigar with a pointed head and tapered sides. Panatella is the name given to a thin, long and straight cigar. Cheroot is an open-ended cigar found in India.

All cigars consists of three components; the filler, the binder leaf and a wrapper leaf. Handmade cigars uses “long filler” that runs the length of a cigar. The filler, the binder, and wrapper are combined manually in a handmade cigar. Whereas in machine manufactured cigars, high-speed machinery is used to combine “short filler” scraps of tobacco.

To understand what plants do cigars come from, one must understand how cigars are made. The manufacturing process involves:

Cultivation of tobacco

Plants are seeded indoors and only after six to nine weeks the plants and transplanted into the fields. The plants are then carefully pruned to maintain a specific size of the tobacco leaves.


After harvesting, the leaves go through a process called Curing. In this process chlorophyll is removed from the tobacco leaves with the help of chemicals. Curing helps in developing the characteristic aroma of tobacco leaves.


Once through curing phase, the leaves go through fermentation where the tobacco leaves further develop their taste and aroma. The Fermentation phase can last from six months to five years, depending on the manufacturer. It is believed that the longer the fermentation, the better the taste and aroma.


Stripping is done to remove the veins from the filler leaves; this can be done manually or with the help of machines. If done by hands, the worker uses a thumb knife to remove the veins whereas machines deploys grooved circular knives to strip out the veins.

Rolling and packaging

Once stripped and stacked the leaves are ready to be rolled. Either cigars are rolled by hands or by machines; at this stage the cigars also get their branding and logos before final packaging.

This manufacturing process does give us a hint about “what plants do cigars come from?” Since, the basic raw material of any cigar is Nicotiana Tabacum leaves and if you are still wondering “what plants do cigars come from”, the answer is simple, it’s tobacco plants, all cigars are made out of tobacco plants.

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How do cigar humidors work?

For all those who are experiencing issues of not being able to store or stock up your lovely cigars, this topic is perfect. The thing that you need to use to keep your cigar fresh and new is a “humidor” also known as “cigar humidor”. However, it is not the only thing you need to know.

You also need to know the good practices that goes into using your humidor and also have sufficient knowledge about the materials that are used along with it or else you have bought an empty box. Now, the first thing that comes to your mind is what is a humidor? In this topic, I will be explain you what it is and how do cigar humidors work?

What are humidors or cigar humidors?

If we try to search this word in the Oxford dictionary or in fact in any dictionary that belongs to you or you can also try to search it up on any of the online dictionaries that you can find. It tells you that a “humidor” is an air tight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist. While in some, it says that it is a container or storage room for cigars or other preparations of tobacco, fitted with means for keeping the tobacco suitably moist or fresh. Unless, you are thinking about starting you own cigar business. I believe we will stick to the first definition, which is a good, enough definition to define “humidors” or “what we call as cigar humidors”.

How do they work?

I have already informed you at the start having a humidor is not all you need to have. You also need to know how do cigar humidors work. Humidors contain a permanent humidifying system that keeps the air moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist. They allow you to monitor as well as adjust the humidity levels inside the cigar humidor and make it an ideal material for cigar storage. Without a humidor, your cigars will only last for two to three days.

As they will easily lose their moistness. In that case, your cigar will either burn too hot or will burn unevenly and wreck the cigar’s smoke, aroma and flavor. Well now, you know “how do cigar humidors work”.
If you are using humidor made of cedar or any other wood, avoid use a damp cloth using tap water or even try to avoid cloth at all.

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Why do people use cigar humidors?

People have used cigar humidors for ages, but it’s not until the 1800’s that they became popular. Not in the same form as today, but that’s the beginning of cigar humidors. So, why do people use them?

Keep them fresh

Tobacco’s natural environment is tropics, so cigar smokers all over the world have to recreate those conditions. They do that by using cigar humidors. How and why do people use cigar humidors? The humidors are used to keep the cigars moist. Every container needs to have a humidifier and a hygrometer. Humidifier keeps the humidity around 70%, and the role of hygrometer is to check the humidity levels. Cigars shouldn’t be stacked up too much, so the air can freely flow between them and keep their humidity just right.

What are the other uses? Why do people use cigar humidors? One of the reasons is to maintain the flavor. Leave your cigars exposed to the elements, and they will dry and lose their aroma. They will become stale.

How to: Traveling with a cigar humidor

You can say that, by using the humidor, the cigars develop and mature.  Keep in mind that, if you have different kinds of cigars, you should find a way to separate them, so their aromas don’t mix. Otherwise, you will find your cigars ruined.

Thinking outside the box

What else should we take into consideration? Why do people use cigar humidors? Cigars are a status symbol and the humidors are associated with wealth and prestige. When you imagine a wealthy person, it is usually with a glass in their hand and a cigar in the mouth. So, if you are to have a humidor, why not make it beautiful. There are humidors made of different materials, not always wood. They have one thing in common, though. Their lining is always made of Spanish cedar. Why is that the case? Most wood will warp in high humidity, unlike Spanish cedar. Bear in mind that you will have to “condition” a new container by placing a glass of distilled water inside for 1-3 days. Don’t put the tap water, it is not pure, it contains all kinds of germs that can ruin your cigars.

Another reason Spanish cedar is used is because it repels tobacco beetles. They are small pests that eat tobacco and lay their eggs in it.
The last consideration is keeping the aroma. Spanish cedar doesn’t ruin the flavor of your cigars. That way they will keep their characteristics, so you can enjoy them anytime.

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What are the cigar company names in the US?

U.S. has always had a special connection to cigars. It is a country with more smokers than any other in the world. With such a vast market, we can’t help but wander what are the cigar company names in the US? But first a little bit about cigars.

What is a cigar?

Cigars are a guilty little pleasure of many a wealthy man. They are made of fermented tobacco leaves, that are rolled in a bundle and consumed by smoking. This carries a great health risk, since the cigar has a lot more nicotine than a cigarette, so it increases the possibility of getting smoking related diseases. But not all is black and white as it seems. Many smokers die in their 90s, or even 100s.

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Cigar History

When Christopher Columbus started his journey, he was hoping to find the best route to India for trading goods such as gold and spices. Instead, he found a tribe of nacked natives, who gifted them with various primitive weapons, food, and strange aromatic leaves. It is worth mentioning that natives were seen roling up these leaves and smoking them. Although, at first, the sailors threw the leaves overboard, in time smoking spread not only among sailors and collonists, but all over the world. This had to wait for the middle of the 18th century.
A name every cigar connoseur should remember is Vicente Martinez Ybor, who moved his cigar production from Cuba to Florida. He made the world biggest cigar factory at the time. Soon, other manufacturers followed, and America’s cigar market grew.

Today, cigars are mostly machine made in factories, but for those who want to feel special, there are hand rolled cigars, which offer exclusivity and a joy of knowing you have a unique product. So, if there are so many factories, what are the cigar company names in the US?


The processing of tobacco leaves depends on the desired result. It is done in special controlled conditions, where light, humidity and temperature are strictly adjusted. Leaves are fermented for the cigar to have its characteristic look and aroma, and there mustn’t be any trace of rot. They are aged and the final product is a cigar. Handmade cigars are still considered the highest quality. With this in mind, what are the cigar company names in the US?

Top US Cigar Companies

  • Altadis
  • Don Pepin Garcia
  • La Palina
  • Barracuda STK
  • El Titan
  • Tatuaje

What cigars did Fidel Castro smoke?

Fidel Castro, the famous Cuban revolutionary leader, is known for smoking cigars, being a smoker since the age of 15. He was rarely seen in photos without a cigar. So, what cigars did Fidel Castro smoke? In his student years, he used to smoke different kinds, but the brand he made famous is Cohiba.

What is Cohiba?

The word “cohiba” originates from Taino and signifies a bunch of tobacco leaves that the original inhabitants of Cuba used to smoke.
These cigars originated in the middle 1960s and were available only for certain people. At first, they weren’t sold outside of Cuba. The only “outsiders” to get them were diplomats. It wasn’t until 1982 that they became available to the rest of the world.

Today, Cohiba is a world known brand among cigar aficionados, with its coffee bean aroma, followed by peppery taste. But, there is an interesting anecdote tied to its origin. It is said that these cigars began by chance. A man working for Castro used to smoke a very aromatic type of cigar. Castro was curious what kind of cigar it was. It turned out it wasn’t any particular brand, but a cigar made by a friend. Fidel Castro found it so good, he had to get a “recipe”. He asked and got the information about the kind of tobacco used, the plantations, and the whole production process. Next, he had to make a team that could produce these cigars. So, according to the story, the factory was made specifically to satisfy Castro’s needs.

The factory was functioning in tight security, because of the fear of assassination. Now it is known that CIA was working on the making of exploding cigars in attempt to get rid of Castro.

Cohiba variations

At the beginning, the Cohiba brand was produced in three sizes: the Lancero, the Corona Especial, and the Panetela. Three more sizes were added in 1989: the Esplendido, the Exquisito, and the Robusto. There are even more sizes, but these named here are known as the classic line. Occasionally, limited edition cigars are released, made with special tobacco and wrapped in darker paper. So, what cigars did Fidel Castro smoke? He was known to smoke the Corona Especial.
These special cigars, Cohiba, are made of the finest tobacco leaves, from the best tobacco fields. The location of these fields is a trade secret, but the taste of the cigars is world-known.