For all those who are experiencing issues of not being able to store or stock up your lovely cigars, this topic is perfect. The thing that you need to use to keep your cigar fresh and new is a “humidor” also known as “cigar humidor”. However, it is not the only thing you need to know.

You also need to know the good practices that goes into using your humidor and also have sufficient knowledge about the materials that are used along with it or else you have bought an empty box. Now, the first thing that comes to your mind is what is a humidor? In this topic, I will be explain you what it is and how do cigar humidors work?

What are humidors or cigar humidors?

If we try to search this word in the Oxford dictionary or in fact in any dictionary that belongs to you or you can also try to search it up on any of the online dictionaries that you can find. It tells you that a “humidor” is an air tight container for keeping cigars or tobacco moist. While in some, it says that it is a container or storage room for cigars or other preparations of tobacco, fitted with means for keeping the tobacco suitably moist or fresh. Unless, you are thinking about starting you own cigar business. I believe we will stick to the first definition, which is a good, enough definition to define “humidors” or “what we call as cigar humidors”.

How do they work?

I have already informed you at the start having a humidor is not all you need to have. You also need to know how do cigar humidors work. Humidors contain a permanent humidifying system that keeps the air moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist. They allow you to monitor as well as adjust the humidity levels inside the cigar humidor and make it an ideal material for cigar storage. Without a humidor, your cigars will only last for two to three days.

As they will easily lose their moistness. In that case, your cigar will either burn too hot or will burn unevenly and wreck the cigar’s smoke, aroma and flavor. Well now, you know “how do cigar humidors work”.
If you are using humidor made of cedar or any other wood, avoid use a damp cloth using tap water or even try to avoid cloth at all.

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