U.S. has always had a special connection to cigars. It is a country with more smokers than any other in the world. With such a vast market, we can’t help but wander what are the cigar company names in the US? But first a little bit about cigars.

What is a cigar?

Cigars are a guilty little pleasure of many a wealthy man. They are made of fermented tobacco leaves, that are rolled in a bundle and consumed by smoking. This carries a great health risk, since the cigar has a lot more nicotine than a cigarette, so it increases the possibility of getting smoking related diseases. But not all is black and white as it seems. Many smokers die in their 90s, or even 100s.

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Cigar History

When Christopher Columbus started his journey, he was hoping to find the best route to India for trading goods such as gold and spices. Instead, he found a tribe of nacked natives, who gifted them with various primitive weapons, food, and strange aromatic leaves. It is worth mentioning that natives were seen roling up these leaves and smoking them. Although, at first, the sailors threw the leaves overboard, in time smoking spread not only among sailors and collonists, but all over the world. This had to wait for the middle of the 18th century.
A name every cigar connoseur should remember is Vicente Martinez Ybor, who moved his cigar production from Cuba to Florida. He made the world biggest cigar factory at the time. Soon, other manufacturers followed, and America’s cigar market grew.

Today, cigars are mostly machine made in factories, but for those who want to feel special, there are hand rolled cigars, which offer exclusivity and a joy of knowing you have a unique product. So, if there are so many factories, what are the cigar company names in the US?


The processing of tobacco leaves depends on the desired result. It is done in special controlled conditions, where light, humidity and temperature are strictly adjusted. Leaves are fermented for the cigar to have its characteristic look and aroma, and there mustn’t be any trace of rot. They are aged and the final product is a cigar. Handmade cigars are still considered the highest quality. With this in mind, what are the cigar company names in the US?

Top US Cigar Companies

  • Altadis
  • Don Pepin Garcia
  • La Palina
  • Barracuda STK
  • El Titan
  • Tatuaje