Fidel Castro, the famous Cuban revolutionary leader, is known for smoking cigars, being a smoker since the age of 15. He was rarely seen in photos without a cigar. So, what cigars did Fidel Castro smoke? In his student years, he used to smoke different kinds, but the brand he made famous is Cohiba.

What is Cohiba?

The word “cohiba” originates from Taino and signifies a bunch of tobacco leaves that the original inhabitants of Cuba used to smoke.
These cigars originated in the middle 1960s and were available only for certain people. At first, they weren’t sold outside of Cuba. The only “outsiders” to get them were diplomats. It wasn’t until 1982 that they became available to the rest of the world.

Today, Cohiba is a world known brand among cigar aficionados, with its coffee bean aroma, followed by peppery taste. But, there is an interesting anecdote tied to its origin. It is said that these cigars began by chance. A man working for Castro used to smoke a very aromatic type of cigar. Castro was curious what kind of cigar it was. It turned out it wasn’t any particular brand, but a cigar made by a friend. Fidel Castro found it so good, he had to get a “recipe”. He asked and got the information about the kind of tobacco used, the plantations, and the whole production process. Next, he had to make a team that could produce these cigars. So, according to the story, the factory was made specifically to satisfy Castro’s needs.

The factory was functioning in tight security, because of the fear of assassination. Now it is known that CIA was working on the making of exploding cigars in attempt to get rid of Castro.

Cohiba variations

At the beginning, the Cohiba brand was produced in three sizes: the Lancero, the Corona Especial, and the Panetela. Three more sizes were added in 1989: the Esplendido, the Exquisito, and the Robusto. There are even more sizes, but these named here are known as the classic line. Occasionally, limited edition cigars are released, made with special tobacco and wrapped in darker paper. So, what cigars did Fidel Castro smoke? He was known to smoke the Corona Especial.
These special cigars, Cohiba, are made of the finest tobacco leaves, from the best tobacco fields. The location of these fields is a trade secret, but the taste of the cigars is world-known.