Ever wondered what plants do cigars come from and how they are made? Well, cigars come in varying shapes and sizes. Round-headed cigars with parallel sides are considered as standard cigars. Whereas Perfecto is a cigar with a pointed head and tapered sides. Panatella is the name given to a thin, long and straight cigar. Cheroot is an open-ended cigar found in India.

All cigars consists of three components; the filler, the binder leaf and a wrapper leaf. Handmade cigars uses “long filler” that runs the length of a cigar. The filler, the binder, and wrapper are combined manually in a handmade cigar. Whereas in machine manufactured cigars, high-speed machinery is used to combine “short filler” scraps of tobacco.

To understand what plants do cigars come from, one must understand how cigars are made. The manufacturing process involves:

Cultivation of tobacco

Plants are seeded indoors and only after six to nine weeks the plants and transplanted into the fields. The plants are then carefully pruned to maintain a specific size of the tobacco leaves.


After harvesting, the leaves go through a process called Curing. In this process chlorophyll is removed from the tobacco leaves with the help of chemicals. Curing helps in developing the characteristic aroma of tobacco leaves.


Once through curing phase, the leaves go through fermentation where the tobacco leaves further develop their taste and aroma. The Fermentation phase can last from six months to five years, depending on the manufacturer. It is believed that the longer the fermentation, the better the taste and aroma.


Stripping is done to remove the veins from the filler leaves; this can be done manually or with the help of machines. If done by hands, the worker uses a thumb knife to remove the veins whereas machines deploys grooved circular knives to strip out the veins.

Rolling and packaging

Once stripped and stacked the leaves are ready to be rolled. Either cigars are rolled by hands or by machines; at this stage the cigars also get their branding and logos before final packaging.

This manufacturing process does give us a hint about “what plants do cigars come from?” Since, the basic raw material of any cigar is Nicotiana Tabacum leaves and if you are still wondering “what plants do cigars come from”, the answer is simple, it’s tobacco plants, all cigars are made out of tobacco plants.

Watch the video on making premium cigars below