People have used cigar humidors for ages, but it’s not until the 1800’s that they became popular. Not in the same form as today, but that’s the beginning of cigar humidors. So, why do people use them?

Keep them fresh

Tobacco’s natural environment is tropics, so cigar smokers all over the world have to recreate those conditions. They do that by using cigar humidors. How and why do people use cigar humidors? The humidors are used to keep the cigars moist. Every container needs to have a humidifier and a hygrometer. Humidifier keeps the humidity around 70%, and the role of hygrometer is to check the humidity levels. Cigars shouldn’t be stacked up too much, so the air can freely flow between them and keep their humidity just right.

What are the other uses? Why do people use cigar humidors? One of the reasons is to maintain the flavor. Leave your cigars exposed to the elements, and they will dry and lose their aroma. They will become stale.

How to: Traveling with a cigar humidor

You can say that, by using the humidor, the cigars develop and mature.  Keep in mind that, if you have different kinds of cigars, you should find a way to separate them, so their aromas don’t mix. Otherwise, you will find your cigars ruined.

Thinking outside the box

What else should we take into consideration? Why do people use cigar humidors? Cigars are a status symbol and the humidors are associated with wealth and prestige. When you imagine a wealthy person, it is usually with a glass in their hand and a cigar in the mouth. So, if you are to have a humidor, why not make it beautiful. There are humidors made of different materials, not always wood. They have one thing in common, though. Their lining is always made of Spanish cedar. Why is that the case? Most wood will warp in high humidity, unlike Spanish cedar. Bear in mind that you will have to “condition” a new container by placing a glass of distilled water inside for 1-3 days. Don’t put the tap water, it is not pure, it contains all kinds of germs that can ruin your cigars.

Another reason Spanish cedar is used is because it repels tobacco beetles. They are small pests that eat tobacco and lay their eggs in it.
The last consideration is keeping the aroma. Spanish cedar doesn’t ruin the flavor of your cigars. That way they will keep their characteristics, so you can enjoy them anytime.

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